Goblin's Inferno

24/7 Goblin's Inferno, A Dedicated Freelancer Server.

Server Features and Rules

On December 30th, 2011, in a basement in Iowa, Goblin's Inferno was born.


No mods, no mess, no fuss. Clans welcome. Troublemakers welcome. Traders welcome. Everyone is welcome. Welcome

to the Inferno. Just log in, and immerse yourself in this classic game. Features are as follows:



Full Feature List:

  • Proper weapon loadouts. NPC [computer controlled ships] are now equipped with pulse weapons, missiles and proper level weapons. Be aware.
  • Variable shield regeneration. NPCs regenerate shield at a normal rate to add a slightly increased challenge to veterans and new players alike.
  • Most jumpholes and gates are unlocked for your enjoyment.
  • Double mission payouts.
  • Improved wreck drops.
  • Improved nomad drops.
  • NPCs have custom lights and engines.
  • Tohoku and Alaska are unlocked and are now battleground systems.
  • System chat is now Universe-wide chat.
  • Custom lights and engines available free of charge, just ask an admin.
  • Several bonuses exclusively for clans and their members.
  • Low ping for all North, Central, and South American players (<150 ms)
  • Safe server, located in a makeshift brewery's basement in Iowa impermeable to both the brutal winters, summers, and floods. Also the last place anyone would ever nuke. I mean, come on, it's Iowa.
  • No client-side downloads necessary to enjoy the server's full features.
  • Active administration team.
  • Friendly and welcoming, to both new players and veterans, young and old. 
  • No over-moderation. Mature language is permitted, as is all PvP combat. [No complaining to us if you get ganked up on or repeatedly killed.]

Our only two rules:

  • Racism [intentional degrading of another person due to their ethnicity/race/etc] will be punished. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • No cheating. Several countermeasures are in place to prevent all forms of hacking the game to gain an unfair advantage. Any abuse of this rule will result in an instantaneous and permanent ban. Seriously. You're cheating at a 9 year old video game. You may want to reassess your life goals. We offer this server as a free service, a labor of our own love, and you're going to log on trying to cheat other players. Good work. /rant.

 Anyway, yeah. Have fun, play hard, and enjoy Iowa's finest. Goblin's Inferno, the 24/7 dedicated home of UN-Modded Freelancer.

- Goblin's Inferno Moderating team, 2012.